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Yellow Gold Celtic Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings in Yellow Gold

Our Celtic yellow gold wedding rings come in two styles: Katherine Aberle's and Helen Chantler's. Yellow gold Celtic wedding rings by Katherine are created from finely detailed carved wax. The knot work pattern is highly refined and the rings have a re-sizing area. She works only in 14K or 18K gold and platinum. Helen's Celtic wedding ring sets are honed from sheet metal which is forged on an anvil and shaped by hand. Each of her rings is slightly different from the next and she works only 18K gold over Sterling silver and solid 18K yellow gold.

We Proudly Offer All Gold Rings in Fair Trade or Recycled Gold. Learn More about our Fair Trade gold


The gold required to create a single ring can result in up to twenty tons of mining waste. Given the issues around gold mining, it makes no sense to wear a wedding ring, which represents love and comment, that in its making caused massive damage to our ecosystem. The Celtic wedding ring sets made by both Helen and Katherine are created with 100% recycled gold.

In the making of Celtic wedding ring sets, Helen is inspired by ancient tribal cultures and the nature world. Her company, Reflective Images, which created this website, is an activist in fair trade jewelry issues, and fully committed to environmentally responsible jewelry production.

Our yellow gold Celtic wedding rings can be accented with a wonderful assortment of fair trade gemstones. Setting gemstones within the knot work creates an elegant accent that you are sure to enjoy for many years to come. All rings are guaranteed against defective workmanship for as long as you own them.


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