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Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings in Sterling Silver

For those who prefer a high quality sterling silver ring, we offer Helen Chantler's collection. Each silver wedding band we show is not mass produced through casting, but rather, entirely hand forged by jewelers in Helen Chantler's studio. Plus, the eco-friendly silver we use in our production is entirely recycled.


Each sterling silver wedding ring is made in our studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where you are free to visit and see our production. The fabrication techniques for each sterling wedding band derive from the Native and Spanish silversmiths of the American Southwest. These designs do not utilize a re-sizing area. With the Celtic designs, the pattern is continuous and circles about the ring seamlessly.

Whether we make these rings with gold or silver, the craftsmanship is the same. Because each silver wedding band in our collection is hand forged, each will appear slightly different than the next. You can be assured of their quality. If there is ever an issue due to defective workmanship, we will repair or replace your sterling silver wedding ring for free.

With some of our designs, we can also inset fair trade gemstones or ethically sourced diamonds. We have a variety of beautiful gems that we can trace from the mine directly through cutting, to you. If you would like us to customize your silver wedding band, please contact us.


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