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Gold Over Silver Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings in Gold over Silver

Helen Chantler specializes in two tone wedding rings, utilizing recycled gold over silver. Each of her unique wedding bands is created in her Santa Fe, New Mexico shop by artisans who hand forge the pieces on an anvil. Helen grew up in England and South East Asia and her designs are inspired by ancient cultures from around the world.


Helen's gold over silver wedding rings differ from other designers in our artisan collection because she does not work in wax. Rather, these unique wedding bands are created from sheet metal. She works out of a fabrication tradition born from the Spanish and Natives who have resided in the American Southwest.

Helen's unique wedding rings have no sizing band, which makes them extremely difficult to create. In the case of those rings with Celtic design, the knots are connected in a beautiful and continuous whole.

Helen's gold over silver wedding rings are also extremely affordable and durable. The gold stays gold, and the silver, as a contrasting element, maintains its "antiqued" appearance. She guarantees every one of her unique wedding rings that comes out of her studio against defect for life.


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